London is home to an endless variety of beautiful properties. For every building, there’s a perfect front door colour. Some homeowners keep things classic. Others go for something bold and daring. However, there are some front door colours that have remained popular in London for generations. Across the city, and the surrounding countryside areas, these are the 5 most popular door colours that Unique Glazing find themselves installing time and time again.

blue composite door

Blue front doors

Blue doors bring a level of class and regality to any London home. In their darker shades, blue doors create a bold sense of prowess. In lighter shades, they are associated with calm and open spaces. However, it’s blue’s versatility that’s made it one of the most popular front door colours in London:

  • Dark royal blue doors look particularly smart against red brick properties, as the contrast creates a bold atmosphere.
  • Light shades, such as Duck Egg blue, work beautifully for doors near bodies of water. Any properties near the Thames or the vast canals of London would benefit hugely from a light blue door.
  • More centralised London townhouses may also consider a teal front door, to compliment the grey stone exterior.

green composite door close up

Green front doors

Green has long been seen as a welcoming colour. Having a green front door instantly brightens up your home’s exterior and increases your kerb appeal.

  • Light shades of green are perfect for doors of more traditional, rural properties. A country home in the home counties would perfectly suit a Chartwell green front door, complimenting the surrounding fields and enhancing the pastoral aesthetic.
  • Olive green doors are great for homes with white exteriors. Pristine properties in areas like Chelsea and Notting Hill would benefit from a dark green front door.

black upvc front door

Grey front doors

With a timeless look that compliments both traditional and modern properties, it’s no wonder that grey front doors are a favourite amongst London homeowners.

  • Anthracite grey front doors make a stunning addition to any home, but homes in the heart of the city are particularly suitable. Anthracite grey will help to create a modern, architectural aesthetic that suits London’s metropolitan style.
  • Lighter shades such as French grey are perfect for homes in rural settings. We have installed many French grey stable doors in properties across Surrey and Berkshire.

Black uPVC front doors

Bold, vintage and absolutely timeless, black front doors belong in London. From 10 Downing Street, to the Bank of England, black front doors are at the centre of London’s architectural heritage. They inject properties with a gravitas that is easy to maintain. Dirt, scratches and marks all struggle to leave a trace on a black door.

Properties in Grosvenor Square are particularly inclined towards black front doors. It’s one of many London boroughs that have embraced black for hundreds of years.

red composite door

Red front doors

Some London homeowners have chosen red front doors to stand out from the crowd. It’s a striking, adventurous, sometimes brooding colour. It looks especially fresh when paired with a brick house exterior, perhaps in one of the surrounding London areas like Slough.

Quality coloured front doors across London

If you live in or near London, and have more questions about which door colour is right for you, Unique Glazing are on hand to answer any questions. For more information on our products or installation process, please feel free to contact us.

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