Summer is here! After months of wrapping up warm, it’s finally time to get out in the garden and enjoy the sun and fresh air. While it’s a great time for getting outdoors and socialising, it’s also the perfect time to start a home improvement project. By improving your home now, you can make the best out of your Summer, and also get your home as energy-efficient as it can be in time for Winter, when the energy bills are set to soar. With that in mind, what are the best home improvements for South East homeowners to make during Summer?

1. New casement windows for Slough homeowners

Summer is the perfect time to invest in replacement casement windows. In the warm, dry weather, windows can easily be replaced while causing minimal disruption to your home. With exceptional outstandingly low U-values, our windows dramatically reduce the rate of thermal transfusion. This means that, during Summer, the home will maintain a comfortable temperature and resist overheating. Then, during Winter, it will retain heat in the home and prevent the need to overuse the central heating system. This is what drives energy bills down.

Casement windows are the most common and traditional style of window. However, if you’re after a more modern look, you may want to consider…

white casement window

2. Flush sash windows in Greater London

Flush sash windows offer all the same benefits as regular casement windows. The key difference is that the openable part of the window sits flush within the frame, creating a sleek and modern visual effect. They are also brilliant for filling your home with natural light throughout the Summer.

Read more about the difference between casement and flush sash windows.

brown flush sash window

3. Bifold doors across the South East

Now that we’ve covered preparing for Winter, let’s focus on how to upgrade your outdoor living. Bifold doors are the perfect way to connect your interior to your exterior. Seamlessly bringing the outdoors in, they offer a graceful gateway to your garden. Particularly when integrated into a kitchen or conservatory, they can make your garden primed for Summer social gatherings like barbecues.

black bifold door

4. French doors for Slough homes

For a similar effect, French doors are also a fantastic Summer addition. Opening outwards, they let the world in and give your home an expansive, open feel. Manufactured with the latest double glazing technology, they also prevent your home from overheating or becoming draughty.

cream french doors

5. Sliding patio doors for South East homes

One of the most popular Summer home improvements, patio doors inject both your home’s interior and exterior with a sense of grace and style. Available in both uPVC and slimline aluminium, these doors offer you the slimmest sightlines and uninterrupted views of the outside world.

Each of these home improvements will help you to enjoy the true modern living experience, both during the Summer months and the rest of the year round.

white sliding patio door

Summer home improvements in Slough, London and the South East

Unique Glazing are specialists in high-quality double-glazed home improvement products. If you’re looking to upgrade your home this Summer, or at any time of year, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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