With the cost-of-living crisis set to bite everyone’s wallets later this winter, more and more people will be seeking ways to lock in the heat in their homes for cheaper. Double-glazed windows? Check. Composite door? Of course. But have you thought about the role your walls and roof can play in improving insulation? We at Unique Glazing are fully equipped to provide South East homeowners with the appropriate type of cladding to suit your needs, providing a stunning and practical low-maintenance solution that can help reduce your energy bills.

Still not sure about how cladding can aid with insulation and save you money? In this blog, we’ll break down all you need to know.

What are the different types of cladding?

The first thing to know about cladding is that there are various different types to choose from. This makes it easy for us to find the best solution to suit your specific budget, stylistic preference, and house style. From uPVC to External, these are the different types of cladding we offer (highlighting the benefits of each):

uPVC cladding

The “uPVC” in uPVC cladding stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, which has long been considered one of the easiest and most cost-effective materials used to insulate the home. Odds are if you have white windows, this is the exact same stuff its frames will be made from. One of its chief benefits is just how flexible it is – meaning that uPVC cladding can be fitted and shaped to suit any home style and layout.

Whether you have a relatively newer home or are looking to rejuvenate a classic property, uPVC cladding boasts both the form and function necessary to insulate both. We at Unique Glazing, for example, provide uPVC cladding in a range of enticing colours and woodgrain finishes. It’s all thanks to uPVC’s inherent flexibility, which ensures it will never warp, rust, or fade in colour when you choose to have it installed in your property. uPVC cladding will immediately get to work weatherproofing and locking in the heat, reducing damp and condensation all at a fair price.

brown roofline

Shiplap cladding

Shiplap cladding not only refers to the style of the cladding you have installed but the specific material at hand, too. Typically fitted to exterior walls, shiplap cladding is formed using wooden boards, and can be the perfect stylish insulation solution for barns, sheds, garages, and outbuildings, in addition to the home. You can easily identify wooden shiplap cladding from the unique grooves found in the boards called a rabbet, which allows them to overlap to ensure heat is locked in forever and always.

Shiplap cladding might be a tad more costly compared to uPVC alternatives due to the wood materials being used, but the benefits you gain from using such a natural product are almost infinite. For example, its strength and resilience is unparalleled, with shiplap cladding building up a great reputation for being able to withstand extreme and aggressive climates. Not to mention the added luxury that comes from using genuine wood grain patterns, too. Needless to say if you’re considering cladding and have a classic-style home or live in a conservation area, shiplap cladding is an ideal choice.

External cladding

External cladding isn’t so much a separate type of cladding as it is a choice and one that often depends on your own personal preference. You see, while it’s sometimes typical in the UK to have cladding (of any material) installed inside in order to start insulating right away, an equally effective option is to have your cladding installed externally.

It’s an easy exercise, too, as we at Unique Glazing can fit external cladding to almost all house material types, including brick blocks, masonry, and concrete. Opting for external cladding obviously means having it outward-facing. This means having a good opportunity to rejuvenate your property’s tired exterior using myriad colours, from wood effect to grey cladding. The latter is a popular choice for those who feel uPVC’s white to be unsightly, and whose homes wouldn’t suit authentic wood shiplap.

Does cladding make your house warmer?

The question we at Unique Glazing receive most often is: does cladding make your house warmer? In short, yes. And the reason is simple. Cladding essentially means fitting your home with more layers than it would otherwise have typically, making it harder for heat to escape the roof and walls thanks to the rigorously tested insulation technology included in the cladding. In addition to warming your home further cladding has been proven to increase the life span of your walls, reduce condensation, and provide additional acoustic resistance to any outside noise.

Cladding solutions from Unique Glazing do all this while having the potential to reduce your home’s energy costs. Less warmth being able to escape your home means turning on the heating far less, saving you money in the long term. Better yet, depending on the type of cladding you hope to have installed, you might just improve the kerb appeal of your home as well.

gutters and drains on a wooden house

Benefit from cladding with services from Unique Glazing

If you would like to discuss with one of our experts how cladding could benefit your home further, be sure to contact Unique Glazing today on 0333 444 245 or get a free quote today by messaging us online. We’re one of the most trusted home improvement companies in the Greater London region.

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