In May of 2020, we met with Mr and Mrs Coleman at their property in Thatcham. They had chosen Unique Glazing to renovate their conservatory, as their original extension was beginning to drastically underperform.

The problem

The frames were made from a combination of long-outdated PVC and timber that was beginning to split. The polycarbonate roof stuck to the back of the house was also beginning to look the worse for wear. As well as poor aesthetics, the conservatory exhibited poor thermal performance. Like many old, neglected conservatories, it was proving too hot in the Summer and too cold in the Winter.

The solution

By installing new uPVC windows and door frames and A-rated energy efficient glass, we dramatically transformed the conservatory. We also performed a 4.5m knock-through on its rear wall, opening up the conservatory into a bright and open living space that rejuvenated the atmosphere of the entire home.

Here is the conservatory before we began the project:




And here it is after:



Conservatory replacement roof

Polycarbonate roofs are infamous for underperforming. It’s an incredibly outdated material that typically only lasts a few years before it becomes vulnerable to draughts. That’s why we immediately suggested a conservatory glass roof replacement to the Colemans.

We installed a linear white uPVC roof, complete with top-of-the-range Pilkington sunshade glass. This glass uses state-of-the-art solar control technology in order to control the amount of UV radiation entering the home. This stops the conservatory from becoming too warm in the Summer, and helps it to retain more heat during the Winter. Needless to say, this dramatically improved the energy efficiency of the Colemans’ conservatory. Going forward, their conservatory will be much more comfortable and much cheaper to run!


A-rated windows and doors

Another key factor that improved the conservatories energy efficiency was replacing the windows and doors. As with all of our products, the selection we installed achieved energy ratings of A. This means that they have exceptionally low U-values, which measure the rate of thermal transmission through a surface. The lower the U-value, the harder it is for heat to pass through. Therefore, heat won’t flood the conservatory in Summer, and it won’t escape in Winter.

upvc conservatory refurbishment

4.5m knock-through

Perhaps the biggest part of the makeover came when we knocked through the conservatory’s rear wall. This connected the conservatory with the kitchen, creating a bright, open-plan feel to the entire downstairs area. The home now feels much more spacious, full of natural light and ambience.

All in all, this project helped to completely reinvigorate the Colemans’ conservatory. What was once an unused financial burden is now a vital part of the home. With a conservatory this stylish and efficient, the home’s overall value is sure to increase.

The Colemans were thrilled with their new conservatory, and have already recommended Unique Glazing to a family member and a close friend.

conservatory refurbishment

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